Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lisa skipped to school...

Lisa gikk til skolen, tripp tripp tripp det sa, i den nye kjolen trippet hun så glad. OK, for those of you who don't understand Norwegian, that doesn't make sense. I know. I just had to write it. It is from a children's song, about little Lisa who skips happily to school in her new dress. (And that was just what happened to my little Sagalisa today. Read on:)

The first school dress I bought arrived yesterday, really superfast! I could hardly believe the dress could have got here on Wednesday if it was posted on Monday, but it was... Good on you, Royal Mail and Posten Norge, you haven't always been this speedy with your delivieries!

So today Saga got to go to kindy in her new dress. She looked so cute, but I am glad I have bought mostly sizes 4-5, because in my opinion it wasn't too big for her at all. Maybe a tad long, but that is easily fixed. Not too wide at all! Here, have a look:

Saga in her new red school dress © StineC

And in the mail today were two more small packets, they didn't take long to get here either. One was a grey pinafore dress which will probably be a bit too large for Saga yet, and the other a blue and white checked gingham summer dress which I also think may be a teeny weeny bit too large, but she'll grow into them both. Nice dresses in great condition at a bargain price - I am very pleased, and I know Saga will be too!

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Stine C. said...

The blue dress was just right, and Saga wore the gray pinnie to kindy today. She can wear her dresses now, but still grow a lot in them. So all in all I'm pleased.