Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pentecost Sunday

Today is Pentecost. We were late for church. As usual, the children now soon forget what it's like to go to Mass on Sunday.
We were there yesterday for a visit from the Nuncio - and arrived not five minutes before Mass started, but five minutes before it ended (late not of our own fault, because the time was printed incorrectly in the calendar) and while the girls behaved admirably - especially Saga who always behaves like an angel - Mikael Johannes did not behave like a big boy at all.

Secular people will probably say that it is just an escape from reality to think that religious rituals can make life any easier, make troubles go away and all that. But Mass and the stable framework around our daily life that the practice of our religion gives us, is something of such a great value that I can't help but be affected when we miss it. Virtues don't come sailing in by themselves without any effort. Life has been difficult for us, lately. I know what would be good for us. We need a close walk with God in all areas of our life. Getting there - together - is a matter of its own though, when the devil is tugging away at us in all directions, endangering even our marriage and family. He walks around in disguise, you see not the roaring lion until it is too late. But that is what he is, and the Lion has opened his mouth to devour us at an ample opportunity. I hope it is not too late to take refuge with the Lamb.