Friday, March 04, 2005

One thing done =hooray=

I have been thinking of my blog all day long, wondering what I should write today. Since there is nothing new to write, the smart thing would be to put it out of my mind. But as you can see, I couldn't.

As if there weren't better things to do. You know what I were going to do today? OK. First of all, I thought the kids had to be in kindy by 7 o'clock. Ghastly early, but when hubby starts work at the hospital at 7:30 they have to be there even earlier than usual. Which means leaving home no later than 6:30. And we need at least 45 minutes to get ready, more if there's a lot of snow on the car - you do the maths. So also today. And since my DH had slept all night for once, he got up and into the shower. He just never came out of the shower again. So after 15 minutes I go in there and have a lecture ready about running late etc. And then he tells me he has the day off at the hospital. Which I ought to know, of course, but I forgot. =sigh= No need to get up until at least seven o'clock, and my blasted alarm went off at 5:45!! (Aaaaaarggghhhhh!!!! Can we call my early wake-up-call my Friday penance, pretty please?)

But we get the kids off to kindy, and I plan my day. I have a baby dress to sew up before the baptism, and a little bonnet. Didn't get any sewing done yesterday, or the day before. Nor the entire past week. Had to do it today. But before I could do that, I had to tidy up the table and change the tablecloth. Wouldn't want the creme satin fabric to be ruined by old spaghetti sauce, butter smears and curdled milk.

But then I also have a whole heap of laundry that's sort of folded, but not put away. Have to do that also. What else? Laundry that is dry, but not folded. What else? Clean, but wet laundry, that has to be hung. Finally, even more laundry that has to be... well... laundered.

Then there were dirty dishes, and a ghastly dirty stove top that I just couldn't put off cleaning any longer, not even for three seconds...

How far did I get?

Nowhere, actually.
Hubby removed everything from the table and changed the tablecloth, and mopped the floor. I poured about a cup of soap over the stove top and scrubbed it, then left it... Then it was about time for us to leave to pick up the kids from kindy again. I dropped DH off in town, since he works night shift tonight. Came home with the kids and fed them. Then put them to bed. Time? A little past seven. Scrubbed and rinsed the stove top and although I can't say it shines, spotless, it's about as good as it has ever been for the past fifteen years. The poor stove is almost as old as I. But proud of myself as I may be, I haven't really done all that much to be proud of...

What was it that I were going to do today - sew? OK, I could take out the sewing machine, rub the sandy feeling out of my eyes, and... But you know what? I'm tired.


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